Start a GirlsWhoSTEAM Chapter

Our chapter program is a unique opportunity for individuals to create change in your community. Chapters can either be regionally based for a city, town, or community, or you can start a branch at your school! Members of each branch will be required to launch at least one project every three months, as well as starting up their website and Instagram page! You will also be required to submit monthly reports. We’ve made the process easy for you: once you’re onboarded as an official branch, you’ll get access to mentorship and one-on-one guidance from our team through our slack channel, who will help you set up events.

Apply to Start a Chapter

As a chapter lead, you will be able to receive easy volunteer hours, as well as access to scholarships and the chance to win a PVSA gold medal. 

We will provide resources to do any of the following:

- Host virtual STEM webinars

- Host in-person classes and events

- Build a social media presence

- Develop as a leader

- Connecting with sponsors

- Meeting like minded peers for across the world

And more!

Here are the requirements to start a chapter:

- Although you can apply as a chapter lead individually, a chapter must be made up with at least three people. Our team can help individuals find other members in your region to be a part of your chapter.

- You must identify as female or non-binary

- All members of the chapter must be enrolled in intermediate school, secondary school, or post-secondary school

- The chapter lead would be responsible for working with our team to set up their respective website and Instagram page. Each must also devote at least an hour monthly in setting up projects. They would also be responsible for submitting monthly reports.