Events Gallery

In-Person Events

Slime Workshop- Elizabeth Public Library
Slime Workshop- Springfield Public Library
Lava Lamp Workshop- Westfield Public Library


Izzy Lapidus

Raquél Lynn

Michelle Kwok and Ravina Anand

May Liu

Reese McMillian

Alison Lambert

Audrey Pe

Stephanie Nuesi

Noelle Silver

Melissa Ruiz

Ria Sen

Zandy Wong

Leanne Su

Naomi Porter

Olivia Pura

Virtual Events

9/13/21- Virtual Slime Workshop @ Cranbury Public Library

1/23/21- STEM Career Day

2/7/21- Leadership Workshop

1/24/21- Scratch Workshop

2/20/21- Anatomy and Physiology

2/21/21- The Principles of Plants

2/28/21- Virtual Shadowing, Dr. Shelby King, BsN, RN

3/13/21- Tips and Tricks for Getting an Internship

Intro to Entrepreneurship

Intro to Entrepreneurship- Delivering the Pitch

Intro to Entrepreneurship- The Art of Cold Emailing