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Our Programswe host free summer programs and after school workshops for girls between the ages of 7-13 from historically under-resourced areas. These enrichment programs focus on the following areas, and are designed to teach skills in leadership, teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving.

Financial wellness: Our financial wellness sessions cover key concepts of financial literacy, complete with interactive scenarios and independent coaching, allowing participants to understand the basics of managing money. This workshop creates a solid foundation of financial literacy, teaching girls how it is applicable in leadership positions, specifically in the business industry.

STEM workshops: based on a DIY curriculum, our STEM workshops normally incorporate creativity and the arts to teach the participants (often aged 10-12) science concepts through a hands-on approach. These events serve as summer camps and after-school programming, and in addition to serving as a supplement to the normal STEM curriculum that children normally are exposed to, they also serve as an opportunity to close the gender gap in STEM. Students are encouraged to work in teams as they navigate real-world concepts concerning science and society, allowing them to practice leadership and teamwork along the way.

Career Workshops: Our career events strive to empower women with the confidence and tools necessary to navigate through their individual career paths. We specifically focus on bringing in female mentors who are in positions of leadership.

Public Speaking: Our public speaking workshops teach girls the basics of public speaking and its role in leadership. Our lessons aim to build their self confidence, develop teamwork and problem solving skills, and lead in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

Entrepreneurship: Our Entrepreneurship events introduce girls to the world of entrepreneurship through a hands-on approach with a Pitch competition. Participants are able to collaborate, research, and present an idea to a panel of judges, where they would receive feedback and support.

Financial Wellness
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