GirlsWhoSTEAM Inc. Welcomes You!   

Welcome to GirlsWhoSTEAM’s new website! My name is Sriya Tallapragada and I am the founder and president of Girls WhoSTEAM. I love science and math, but I always wondered why there was a lack of females in all of my STEM classes. A quick google search told me all I need to know. For example, I learned that only 28% of STEM positions were occupied by women. This was when I realized that the lack of diversity I have been seeing was not a mere coincidence. Girls everywhere were scared to take part in these positions because of social stereotypes. For me, this was near criminal. After all, the less girls taking part in these fields meant the less minds in STEM. That’s when I knew I had to do something about it.

Really, GirlsWhoSTEAM is meant to diversify STEM fields and make it a more welcoming place. You should feel strong about doing STEM, no matter what your gender is. I hope that, over the coming years, we will help find fun and innovative ways to make this happen.