Why is the Gender Gap Important 

Every day, women are being systematically tracked away from science and math throughout their education, limiting their training and options to go into these fields as adults. This phenomenon is known as "the gender gap", a notion built on the statistic that women make up only 28 percent of the STEM workforce. The lack of women in STEM fields is based on a whole host of issues: gender stereotypes, male-dominated culture, fewer role models, math anxiety, etc. A predominant reason is that women don’t feel included in an environment that lacks diversity and representation. This is not only unfair to women who deserve to have a chance, but it also puts a dent in the progress of scientific research. Women could bring a unique perspective to research, which could help the progress of scientific discovery grow more rapidly. The worst part about gender discrimination in STEM is that it promotes itself. If there are fewer women in STEM this generation, then the future would also have fewer female role models. People would get used to the idea that women are less likely to be in STEM fields. If something isn’t done about this, we could be looking at a future society where there are prescribed roles for women and men.