Everyone is a Changemaker- Entrepreneurship Program


Confronting inequality. Creating thriving communities. Finding real solutions to real problems. Modeled around the idea that "everyone can be a Changemakers" (Ashoka), our innovation series is an after school program, piloting at the Greater Brunswick Charter School system, which focuses on empowering students to start community-based initiatives. Our program, over the course of 7 weeks, goes through the entire process of starting an initiative. By the end, participants should have leading social impact projects in areas like food insecurity, homelessness, education equity, and environmental justice – all through the lens of kindness, empathy, and human connection. We support these young leaders to envision change and achieve it.

Pitch Competition- Virtual

2021-01-24 (2)

Our Entrepreneurship events introduce girls to the world of entrepreneurship through a hands-on approach with a Pitch competition. Participants are able to collaborate, research, and present an idea to a panel of judges, where they would receive feedback and support.Our entrepreneurship program is primarily hosted in our virtual events, and is hosted in the form of the pitch competition.The winners receive funding for their project idea, which allows women to start their own businesses. For all participants, it is a unique opportunity to collaborate in teams and get the experience of pitching an idea in front of a judge. The first pitch competition we have hosted was at GirlsWithGoals21. Groups submitted their plans for a startup addressing issues that they were passionate about. They then had the opportunity to be graded by a cohort of judges, who will awarded the top three winners with prizes and recognition. All participants left with custom feedback and an idea for a potential business plan. Submissions ranged from the idea of starting a bilingual children’s book business to creating a community that provided resources for mothers. Participants a chance to exercise real-world skills and leadership from.a young age.