Our Commitment to Racial Equality


Equity is central to our work, and we continue our commitment to women of color, working to enable opportunities and provide support that will lead to financial independence and career readiness, potentially even helping close the racial wealth gap.

We have been especially successful at impacting young women of color: of the participants in our workshops, 62% have self identified as Black or Hispanic.

Each of the programs that we offer are research-backed, SDG goals aligned, and designed to provide girls with the skills, education, and confidence needed to achieve success and be prepared for the future. In addition to the skills taught in the program, we integrate discussions on independence and taking charge of one's life. We enable young girls to have a seat at every table and a voice in every conversation, inspiring them to be courageous and confident, and allowing them to take their first steps towards empowerment. These leadership skills taught to women of color from a young age is instrumental in paving the way for diverse workplace.