Student Ambassadors


13 year of age or older

US resident

Our student leaders are a big part of Girls Who STEAM. They act as leader and mentors for the girls, encouraging them to dream past what was originally thought possible. We hold our student leaders to the highest leval, and expect them to carry out #Girls Who STEAM's mission with dignity, pride, and courage. To be a student leader is to be a role model, to be a friend, and to be passionate about making a dirence in your community. The requirments for being a student leader is to be US resident and to be 13 years of age. WE ACCEPT ANY GENDER TO APPLY AND BECOME A STUDENT AMBASSADOR! We believe that closing the gende gap in STEAM is something that anyone can do, regardless if they identiy as female or male. The role of a student ambassador would be to bring a chapter of #Girls Who STEAM into their own community. The student ambassadors would work with members of the #Girls Who STEAM board of directors to nd ways that they can actively immerse their community with science and fun. If you are a minor, you must be accompanied with a parent or guardian to all future events planned in your community for #Girls Who STEAM. To become a student ambassador for Girls Who Steam, you will need to complete the below application. If you should get past stage one, you will be contacted by a member of our team, with which you set up a phone interview. The workshop you would then host through a collaboration process with our team. his will happen through collaboration with our team, who will guide you through every step of the process. You will also be asked to be a role model and representitive of Girls Who STEAM in your community through advertising our mission, encouraging females to get involved, and by being a leader. Any major disciplinary actions during your time as #Girls Who STEAM student ambassador will result in your position being taken away. If you are chosen to be a student ambassador, we will contact you soon.

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